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Booking Your Food Sensitivity / Intolerance Assessment

In order to service a wider geographical location we have partnered with several pharmacies and natural health outlets, utilising their professional service clinic space for our patients.
Booking your assessment is done through each clinic where we conduct the tests.

Individual clinics maintain their own booking forms, some clinics may ask that you leave a deposit for the booking over the phone - usually payable by credit card, as part of their booking process.
Please note that we have no control over this. This was introduced to reduce the amount of last second cancellations which had an effect of reducing the number of available appointments to clients which were in genuine need of an assessment.

You do not need to do anything special before the test.

Please click the following location links below for details of our clinics. 

We also have in addition to our standard 140+ item test access on our database  to thousands of other trigger potentials that we can test you for individually if you have something specific in mind which is not on our standard test - we normally wont charge for this but there is a limit of maybe no more than 10 specific items.

Also please note that we do not test for 100's of items in a consultation, clinics that do this are often testing for the same slight different item many times (ie 6 different types of chocolate). We do not do this as we are looking for the general triggers within that food groups - we are extremely experienced at this type of testing so once we develop a picture of what to avoid we then concentrate the remaining consultation  on how to fix the problem, lifestyle changes and proven immune recovery protocols.

Why Sensitive Foods?

We are experts in helping identify potential Food intolerance and triggers that can contribute to ongoing health issues. But more importantly than just identifying potential triggering events we are experts in helping de-mystify the jigsaw puzzle that helped create these conditions in the first place with detailed personal and family history analysis. We always strive to find out why your problem developed - not just fix the end symptoms.

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