IBS & Candida  - The Silent Epidemic

What is it?

A  candida problem is basically a fungal overgrowth, that grows generally in the digestive system and causes the symptoms more commonly referred to as IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It most commonly inhabits the Bowel area, where it feeds and grows on certain food matter which has not been properly  digested previously in the system.Candida is very, very common in today's society, where it can flourish on an over abundance of processed sugars, yeasts, alcohols etc. However, it may have started  due problems other than a poor, over  - refined diet.

An example  of some of the other major contributors may be seen here below.

  • Use of the PILL.
  • Anti-biotic, or other Immune suppressive drugs such as Cortisone's or steroids etc.
  • Weak immune system possibly due to viral  infections etc.        
  • Over stress, either physical or emotional.
  • Poor diet.Intolerances and Hyper-Sensitivities

If  you come under one or more of the above categories than you may have a  high chance of suffering the symptoms of  CANDIDA .  The  above list however, is not exhaustive and other situations may have promoted a problem. These can be looked into by us in great detail.


Contrary to popular belief, even though you may not suffer thrush, a candida problem may be evident. The signs of Candida are many and varied, and it is this apparent variation in the symptoms, that seem to have no relation to each other, that can often  show signs of a candida problem. The tell-tell signs to look out for are usually a combination of the following... 

  • Bellyaches, Tummy-aches, Constipation, Diarrhoea,
  • Abdominal bloating, Reflux, Gas & Wind
  • Anxiety, Depression, Irritable,  Mood Swings,
  • Tiredness,  Lethargy,  Run-down,
  • Thrush & Fungal infections such as Tinea   etc.  
  • Lack of concentration,  Vagueness,  Spots before eyes,  Ringing in ears,
  • Sugar/Bread, Alcohol & Junk Food Cravings,
  • Headaches & Muscle Pain

Some of these above symptoms may also be aggravated through allergic reactions to certain foods.

Once the diet has been  maintained  properly for the set period of time the recovery is quite outstanding, with a full recovery usually not far away. 

The first step to finding out which products could possibly be affecting you would be a clinical computerised report and assessment to identify the likelihood of this condition in addition to reactive food triggers. An overall accurate picture can then be built up in order to see what to avoid.

This way a correct customised recovery program can be created especially for you so that a return to improved health and wellbeing can be achieved maintained.

* Although we do not use drugs in our treatment protocols, do not stop any drugs that will have an impact on your symptoms management without discussing the effects with your doctor.

The following video is a quick overview of IBS, Candida and our testing protocols

The following video talks about Candida Albicans in more detail


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