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We have dealt with a lot of issues relating to females, but rather than specialising in "female only conditions" we find that so many come in with general health conditions that happen to affect everyone. It's just that women try to look after themselves infinitely more than their "Supermen" cohorts !!!. However it should be mentioned that differences like menstrual cycles, pregnancy and hormonal imbalances as well as a tendency to see a doctor more often ( which includes taking more medications like antibiotics and the contraceptive pill) can tip the scales towards certain conditions that men seem less likely to get.  

We therefore treat a huge and diverse array of symptoms and conditions covering all three areas of primary health, Mind, Body and Spirit. And like all things they need to be in balance. It is interesting the importance that women place on recovery, health and wellbeing.

What we find more than anything with female clients in general, is how little attention has been paid to understanding and analysing their diets, stress, trauma, recovery and lifestyle as a whole by other healthcare providers. All too often we find that there has been so much emphasis on symptom recovery and management, that as soon as these treatments are stopped the underlying illness returns with the original symptoms.

By paying attention to detail, with understanding the factors associated with immune system and the effects that dietary and environmental toxicity has on female health, many of the significant and common causes for visiting an alternative practitioners are eliminated.

Every time I have a patient that tells me they have been diagnosed with breast cancer or some auto immune condition, the first response that I have is "So many people seem to develop this condition by having some kind of immense stress and trauma history - causing a breakdown in the immune response, therefore potentially leading to the condition". If you want to potentially reduce the chance of compromisation then try to improve immune health and offset the stress.

This can be significantly more effective once a correct dietary evaluation has been made.

FACT: 75% of my clientele are women, 20% are children (nearly always accompanied by women) with a mere 5% accounting for a few switched on Men. Everything from Poly cystic ovaries, candida, allergies, intolerance, rashes, fatigue, tummy issues to  auto immune conditions can be potentially helped with identifying specific inflammatory and allergy / intolerant responses associated with food and environmental toxicity.

Make the right choice and start with what goes in, after all we are what we eat.


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Why Sensitive Foods?

We are experts in helping identify potential Food intolerance and triggers that can contribute to ongoing health issues. But more importantly than just identifying potential triggering events we are experts in helping de-mystify the jigsaw puzzle that helped create these conditions in the first place with detailed personal and family history analysis. We always strive to find out why your problem developed - not just fix the end symptoms.

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